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Grand Rapids Hire A Camera Crew

Grand Rapids Professional Camera Crew

If you want to work with an experienced camera crew that shoots professional-quality video footage that will impress your editor — and your clients — then look no further!

Our professional Michigan video production crew set the industry standard for dependability, professionalism and high-quality work. While our experienced crew members have earned a reputation for top-quality work, they also understand that the way we work — can be just as important as what we produce.

Why choose West Coast MEDiA for your next shoot? Just ask our clients!

  • "My editors really appreciated your shooting style and skills"
  • "You went the extra mile, without being asked, how rare and refreshing!"
  • "Your professionalism on site was extraordinary, my client was impressed"
  • "Beautiful footage delivered on time"

Whether you need business casual or cargo shorts — we'll dress appropriately for the job and fit right in. All of our knowledgeable video technicians combine a bachelor’s degree in television production with years of practical, on-location video production experience.

When you need professional footage and a dependable crew, you cannot afford to make the wrong choice!

When you choose West Coast MEDiA — you receive experienced professionals with over 30 years in the video production business. We take great pride in always delivering the high quality results our clients need — on time and always exceeding expectations.

For more information on hiring a camera crew or to get a quote for your next video production, contact West Coast MEDiA today or call us directly at 616/874-8400.

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