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Grand Rapids Webcasts MI

Grand Rapids Webcasting | Webcast Live Streaming

Clear and direct communication remains vital in today’s rapidly changing business environment. West Coast MEDiA continues to stay ahead of the latest technology to support clients around the globe by providing professional webcasting services for any size business.

Grand Rapids Webcasts MI
Grand Rapids Video Webcast

Webcasting provides an excellent option for your business to both inform and motivate internally and externally — no matter where you are in relation to your audience. The ability to speak directly with a global audience in real time with supporting graphics can provide your company with a distinct competitive advantage.

Using web streaming video technology, West Coast MEDiA can distribute any media presentation over the Internet — enabling multiple individuals to watch a single broadcast. Whether you need your webcast presentation to be live, or on demand, our experienced crew will set up and coordinate all aspects of your webcast to ensure that your message will be broadcast properly.

West Coast MEDiA has partnered with one of the leading providers of web streaming technology to give our clients a rich multimedia webcast experience.

Our professional webcasts feature:

  • Built in redundancy for reliable delivery
  • Processional grade encoding equipment for unmatched quality of signal
  • Special customized user interface sets a professional first impression
  • Real time feedback question panel built into the user interface
  • High quality video images and excellent sound
  • Archival capture of Webcast allows for anytime replay of event

In order to be effective, your webcast production must be glitch free and professionally delivered. Otherwise your message and valuable time can be lost forever. While several do-it-yourself webcast solutions exist, they come with a high risk of delivery issues that can interfere with your ability to reach a large audience.

For more information on our professional webcasts and our webcasting capabilities, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.874.8400.

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